The Colorshock Chronicles: Episode I [Part 1]- A Place to Call Home
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A beginning to the new comic series, based on The Colorshocks
Submitted By EmperorEctoshock on 11/09/01
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"...We traveled a long way. All 12 -- 11... of us sat down, drowning ourselves in grief, mourning the loss of our fallen leader. Loretta (Lasershock) was filled with denial. Olivia (Flareshock) was filled with disbelief. Star (Thundershock) was filled with depression. Paul (Plasmashock) and Veronica (Venomshock) were filled with sadness. Yang (Shineshock), Yin (Shadowshock), Aztec (Gildedshock), and Brody (Bronzeshock) were all filled with confusion. And most of all, myself (Ectoshock) was filled with.... all of the above. I walked towards the window of the ship, wondering how I was still alive, looking out to the vast darkness of space and time, captivated by the beauty of the stars. Silvana (Silvershock) walked towards me, placing her arms on my shoulder and resting her head on her arms, feeling the same exact way I did, beginning to tear violently with her emotion in connection to mines."
"We all longed for a sign of life, something or somewhere we all could be safe from the tyranny of Lord Fuse - a Planetary Conqueror who would absorb the life forces of each planet he finds. He reached Earth, and humanity fought back. Animation itself allied with us to try and defeat Lord Fuse and his fusion monsters. So much much death. We ALMOST won. If it wasn't for one simple mistake, Earth wouldn't be in ecological succession-like state like it is now. That mistake was Underestimation. Being face to face with Lord Fuse when I was back on Earth, without thinking of a successful strategy, was the wrongest thing I've ever done. It had almost cost me the loss of my comrads... and the loss of my family. For right now... I've no clue where my family could be. My real family. Rainbowshock, Colorshock leader, and practically our 'father', realized this would happen sometime, and took one for the team. He sacrificed himself, right at the moment of the final blow with Fuse."
"We were lost...alone...practically light-years away from anyone visualizing the meaning of 'Hope', or 'Home' again..."
*Walks towards the front window of the ship, looking foward* "That is...until we spotted the fourth planet from the sun: Mars - the only place safe enough until humanity takes another stand."
(20 minutes later)
"Our spaceship closely approched the planet, slowing down the engines for a better landing, reaching the atomosphere of Mars. Now, normally, someone would say 'Wait a can't live on Mars, Mars has no atmosphere!' Well... before Fuse and his minions invaded Earth, there was a corporation in which dealt with not only realistic virtual vacations, but also dealt with planetary ecology and geology. The name of the corporation was Recall. Recall engineers/astronauts traveled to Mars, digging underneath the land of the planet, all the way to the core, and found that massive amounts of ice was buried underneath the core. But, that's not the only thing they found.... unbelievebly, Recall astronauts were the first ever to discover what we'd never think there would be on an abandoned planet such as Mars: Life."
"Recall discovered humanoid-like species of aliens, making the biggest history ever for themselves. However, they kept the discovery of life on Mars a secret, and found it as a way to make money by setting up Recall as a virtual vacation spot and expense on that planet. Anyone could travel to Mars for vacation would stay in indoor places built underground on Mars, only with the right amount of money. It wasn't till' one day where one man decided to have a vacation of his own. When you take a 'vacation' in Recall, you're not only being customized into the certain area - who you are is customized as well. His personality traits for the trip to Mars included being a secret, undercover goverment spy, tracking down crooks threating life on Mars, and... getting the love of his life. When all was said and done, he found the core underneath with his loved-one, defeated the criminals, and activating a certain machine in which it is able to burn down the ice and turning it into Oxygen. He, and her, almost died in the process by being exposed on land themselves, beginning choking to death because there was no Oxygen in the air, until the core erupted a massive beam of Oxygenic gas into space, creating an atmosphere large enough for the planet, and therefore, allowing a majority of other life forms to live on Mars - despite how only little parts of Mars remain without an atmosphere. Lucky us, THIS was able to happen before Lord Fuse practically destroyed Earth. Recall is no more due to the invasion, and due to the actions commited on this planet. Without that man...humanity would be lost in space and death for a long, long time... maybe even forever."

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Re: The Colorshock Chronicles: Episode I [Part 1]- A Place to Call Home
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Posted 2011/09/01 - 17:10 GMT
Wow! Ecto! Amazing!
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Re: The Colorshock Chronicles: Episode I [Part 1]- A Place to Call Home
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Posted 2012/01/23 - 17:52 GMT
This is awesome!
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Re: The Colorshock Chronicles: Episode I [Part 1]- A Place to Call Home
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Posted 2012/04/06 - 22:15 GMT
Best comics that I've ever seen!

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