I Love Pokemon
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Pokemon People - Unite!
Submitted By Rairyukami on 13/10/03
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I Love Pokemon! ^_^
Someone should make a special Plexpedia website about it, and it being mainly sponsored by this group, we could provide info. or personal comments/opinions, and much, much more.
Take for example of the core, this site: http://pokemondb.net/
is a perfect example.
While at the same time, we can talk about the business of Mars Explorer too.

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Re: I Love Pokemon
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Posted 2013/10/08 - 1:25 GMT
*facepalm*  ...  Not judging you, but...  WTF?!
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Re: I Love Pokemon
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Posted 2013/10/08 - 1:33 GMT
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Re: I Love Pokemon
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Posted 2015/04/23 - 6:14 GMT

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